On-Demand Webinar: Inside Criminal Minds and Tactics


Inside Criminal Minds and Tactics

As a security professional, it’s your business to understand the business of crime.

Join us and discover firsthand what a day in the life of a criminal is like. You’ll learn:

  • How criminals operate every day that threaten your business
  • What motivates criminal behavior and decision-making
  • What you can do to help protect your business

Crime Statistics According to the FBI:

  • There is a burglary every 12 seconds*
  • Those thefts annually combine for more than 3.1 billion in property and personal loss*
  • Six of 10 burglaries involve forcible entry*

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

About the Speakers:

Jeffrey Danik is a Supervisory Special Agent for FBI Miami Metropolitan Major Theft Task Force. He is a 28-year veteran in law enforcement and is responsible for leading a federal Task Force of FBI Agents and State Police Officers in major theft investigations. His efforts have led to the prosecution of numerous individuals for large scale thefts of medical and pharmacy goods and also shipments of high-value cargo.

Dr. Read Hayes, PhD, is a research scientist and criminologist at the University of Florida. He is director of the Loss Prevention Research Council and works with crime control research teams to better understand offender decision-making to improve crime event deterrence.

*Crime in the United States, 2012, Federal Bureau of Investigation
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