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Stronger EAS is just the start.

By connecting leading-edge EAS breakthroughs to RFID, traffic, intelligence and video technologies, the all-new Synergy system delivers much stronger loss prevention − plus profitable new enterprise-wide opportunities:

  • More protection against today’s savvier criminals
  • Fewer false alarms that annoy customers and weaken employee vigilance
  • Actionable new reports and insights down to item level that boost conversion and margin
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  • Better EAS

    Gain space by merchandising closer to pedestals: reduced backfield interference prevents nuisance alarms caused by tags placed too close. Pedestals protect up to 8 feet, 2 inch doorways, vs. most systems that only handle 6 feet.

  • Modular & Configurable

    Select the benefits you want now and add others later like foil bag detection and RFID capabilities to reduce shrink and support BOPIS. Synergy comes in a pedestal store footprint, with concealed and door options coming soon.

  • Improved Connectivity

    When networked, Synergy delivers new operational visibility, includes actionable traffic, shrink and inventory data fed to the TrueVUE reporting platform. It can also connect video to alarm activity and remote diagnostics services that help speed up response to system issues and repair.

  • Actionable Insights

    With network connectivity, traffic patterns can be analyzed to improve conversion. With RFID, item-level theft data can help you combat shrink and respond to organized retail crime more successfully. Through TrueVUE, one powerful suite of analytic tools handles it all.

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Synergy, the latest breakthrough in EAS reinvention, helps stores minimize loss and maximize performance. As the leading global provider of integrated retail performance and security solutions, we’re trusted by more than 80% of the world’s top 200 retailers.

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